Lent 2017

The Wednesday Lenten Series
“Repent: Turn to Jesus!”

Wednesday, Midweek 2     Luke 18:9-14 
Repent: Turn to Jesus and Not to Yourself

Midweek 3     Mark 14:32-38 
Repent: Turn to Jesus When You Face Temptations

Midweek 4     Luke 7:44-50 
Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Changes Your Life

Midweek 5    Luke 23:32-34 
Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Longs to Forgive You 

Midweek 6    Luke 23:35-43  
Repent: Turn to Jesus; He Holds the Key to Heaven

The Sunday Lenten Series
The Sacrificial Gift of God is Jesus

Sunday, Lent 2, March 12th   John 4:5-2612th
The LORD’s sacrificial gift is one for all people to receive.
Lent 3, March 19th  Isaiah 42:14-21
The LORD’s sacrificial gift rescues all people.
Lent 4, March 26th Matthew 20:17-19
The LORD’s sacrificial gift was not forced upon Jesus nor forcefully taken from Jesus.  He knew what he was doing.
Lent 5, April 2nd Romans 8:11-19
The LORD’s sacrificial gift calls to us to react with faith.
Lent 6 – Palm Sunday, April 9th  Matthew 21:1-11
God’s sacrificial gift, his lamb of sacrifice enters Jerusalem in triumph.