Marriage and Family
Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church
and gave himself up for her   (Ephesians 5:25)​

The marriage of a husband and wife, and relationship of family are two of the most important relationships in our lives.  Our homes and families ought to be refuge for everyone in the family. 
Marriage is a God ordained relationship between a man and a woman.  In marriage the husband and wife are to be friends, provide mutual support especially during times of trouble, are to be a team for the raising of children, and are to be lovers.  Marriage provides the best place for the expression of godly love between husband and wife, and children and parents.
Today marriage is being attacked.  The love and passion in too many marriages have cooled.  Families are being torn apart.
At St. Paul’s we work to provide families with godly tools so that they can be a refuge and fortress against the stresses of our time.
  • Our School exists so that we can strengthen our children with God’s word and with an excellent education.  We will prepare your student to have a more successful education in high school and we do this in a godly, school life style.
  • We work hard to provide husbands and wives tools so that their relationship can be stronger and more loving.  It is awful that in many marriages the passion has cooled.  With a stronger marriage relationship, your family will be stronger and happier, your children will mature more joyfully, and strong marriages will strengthen the kingdom of God.
Pastor Baumann has a number of articles on his blog that focus on marriage and relationships,  .
Pastor Baumann also has a very good marriage enrichment seminar that he would be happy to share with you.  Speak to him by phone 507-263-7604 or through e-mail
We would love to assist you and your family so that the purpose for God beginning marriage can be better carried out through your love for each other and your family.