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K - 4 Classroom

Dear Parents,
  I am busy getting ready for the coming school year and I'm getting excited to spend my days with your child!  I hope you at home are getting excited for the start of the school year, too!
  On our website under "All things SPLES" you will find our class school supply list.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  I always encourage parents to buy extra markers while you can find them for $1 if you know your child loves to color - then in mid-winter when the red or blue is dry, you have another package just waiting to be used.  There are no name brands required for supplies, but I will tell you from experience that Crayola makes the longest lasting crayons, markers and water paint and Elmer's glue bottle has a better top with fewer spills than most other brands.  
  I'm eager to meet with each of you and introduce some new things happening this school year.  I'll be in touch soon to set up a time we can get together for a few minutes.
  Thank you and happy summer!
     Mrs. Mildebrandt